Give them America's No.1 Hot Sauce & Mustard
Frank's and French's
Frank's and French's New Sachets

Having reached cult status, Frank's® RedHot® and French's® Classic Yellow Mustard® can help you create great menu mash-ups that allow you to profit from brand savvy customers.

High quality and full of flavour with front- and back-of-house formats available, it's time to ramp up the flavour and make the most of menus.

Frank's Brand

Meet Frank's® RedHot® Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce
Drench their taste buds with the perfect blend of heat and flavour, made using premium aged cayenne peppers. Give your dirty burgers, loaded hot dogs, sticky chicken wings, and more, an added kick with America's No.1 hot sauce*.

French's Brand

Meet French's® Classic Yellow Mustard®
Made using our secret blend perfected over 100 years. Serve America's No.1 Mustard** alongside dirty burgers, messy hot dogs and stacked sandwiches, and jump into the growing craze for all things Americana.

The Benefits

Did you know?^

  • 88% of consumers believe sauces and condiments are an important part of the meal
  • 77% believe branded sauces and condiments taste better than unbranded ones
  • 85% like to see well-known branded sauces and condiments in restaurants

What do consumers say about Frank’s RedHot and French’s Mustard?^

  • Over 90% think they're both quality brands
  • 95% say both brands are authentic and full of flavour
  • Over 90% would like to see both brands in restaurants
Meet The Family!

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^Toluna/McCormick fast food customers survey, Oct 2020, 417 participants.
*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Packaged Food 2020 Edition, per Chili Sauce category definition, Frank's retail value sales in the US, 2019 data.**Source Euromonitor International Limited, French’s retail value sales in the US, 2019 data.

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